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UPDATE & REFUND INFORMATION : A long read but very important ….


To all of our theatre show customers




A massive thank you for your patience, as you can appreciate we (like you) have been stuck in lockdown and have been unable to use any of our local community box office premises/locations to carry out refunds. From our first event update we wanted to reassure you that your money was safe and was held securely until such times we were able to carry out a refund pick up session. The 99% of customer patience, understanding and support was heart warming - thank you. We realise how frustrating it has been to be able to deal with this any sooner than we can. All we can offer is our sincere apologies. Nobody could have seen this coming, we just hope you are all safe and well. With the easing of lockdown we are now pleased to announce refund and ticket exchange session details (thank you to all those of you who have exchanged your tickets for another show and not asked for a refund. Please see the note below for further show information)



Saturday 20th June - 10am until 11am - Sheppey United FC, Queenborough Road, Halfway.



The session will take place outdoors and social distancing will be in place. PLEASE NOTE : WE CANNOT ISSUE A REFUND ON THE DAY  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR HARD COPY PAPER TICKETS. If you have mislaid your tickets please email us a [email protected]


There is ample free parking on site, please follow the barriers through the gates and please respect and adhere to social distancing.




Firstly thank you for bearing with us during recent weeks in this crazy time. Your messages of support for been incredible - thank you.


From our first year of shows in 2019 our main aim was to bring the shows that could be seen in major theatres around the UK / West End and on cruise ships around the world, those very same acts right here for the wonderful people of the Isle of Sheppey in an amazing theatre in our community at a cost effective ticket price for all. With heavy hearts we had to make the very difficult (but right) decision to play our part to protect that community and follow the guidelines that were and have been set out. The safety of our audience, artists, and crew are paramount, and for that reason our first 2 scheduled theatre shows were regrettably cancelled.


The purchase process and to do personal box office sessions is to keep the ticket costs down for our customers. If we were to use an online ticket seller the ticket price would need to be increased and there would then be a booking fee added per ticket by the online ticket company. We want to ensure that our shows are affordable for all.


As things stand the remaining 3 shows are still going ahead but will have to follow government guidelines in place as well as the viability of sold tickets for the show(s) to go ahead. We will of course keep you all updated as we go. Again, if we have to cancel any further shows a full refund will be given.


Our company will face an uphill battle and will feel the strain over the coming year, as we’re sure many of you will but when this pandemic comes to an end, we believe community events like ours will play an important part in our recovery. By coming together to share in a common experience we build stronger, more resilient communities and that is why we will do absolutely everything we can to make 2021 extra special for you BUT that will only happen if everyone gets behind the events and we get the support needed to continue in some way.


Once again - thank you for your patience, understanding and support.